Town Officials


In addition to the Select Board, the town has various elected and appointed officers and personnel.  Annually, at the town meeting, the citizens of Orwell elect a number of officers responsible for performing various duties for one year terms. Some assistants are appointed by these officers but are not required to be elected. They are


Bryan Young, Treasurer & Trustee of Public Funds 948-2811
Elizabeth  “Betty” Walker , Town Clerk 948-2032
Michael R. Audet, Town Moderator 948-2713
Walker E. James, Grand Juror 948-2074
Diane Jackson, Delinquent Tax Collector
Allen R. Alger, First Constable 948-2212
Michael R. Audet, Justice of the Peace 948-2713
Richard O. Buxton Jr., Justice of the Peace, Chair 948-2161
Stephanie Corey, Justice of the Peace
Glen Cousineau, Justice of the Peace
Walker E. James, Justice of the Peace 948-2074
Sharon Macedo, Assistant Town Clerk 948-2032
Susan Ann Arnebold, Assistant Town Clerk 948-2032
Mark S. Young, Assistant Treasurer 948-2811
Kent Anderson, Town Health Officer (February 1st, 2020) 948-2156


Rebecca Heibler, Animal Control Officer 802-349-3116
Allen R. Alger, Fire Warden 948-2212
Sandy Korda, Service Officer 802-989-1278
Wayne L. Weseman, Zoning Administrator 948-2235
Thomas Purdy Sr., Assistant Zoning Administrator
Roland “Ted” Simmons, Assistant Zoning Administrator 948-2274
Sandy Korda, Emergency Management Director 802-989-1278

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