Listers – The Listers are the individuals responsible for establishing the value of the Grand List for Orwell. They establish the assessed value of all properties, hear grievances of property owners who feel their assessments are inappropriate, and participate in hearings and appeals beyond the grievance level. The Listers meet on an as-needed basis rather than on a set schedule. The majority of their activities occur after April 1 of each year when they are responsible for assessing all properties in the town as of that date in order to determine the Grand List. Following the issuance of all assessments, they hold meetings in order to hear the grievances of property owners who feel their properties have been assessed in error. The activities of the Listers are open to the public.

The Listers are:

Cheryl Tudhope               Term expires in 2026         948-2665

Jean Audet                         Term expires in 2024         948-2713

Becky Quesnel                    Term expires in 2025

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