Select Board

Members of the Select Board are elected annually at the Town Meeting on the first Tuesday in March.  Their terms are staggered with some individuals being elected for a two-year term and some being elected for a three-year term.  The current members of the Select Board are:

Member Term Ends Telephone No. & Email
Rex D Corey 2023 802-770-0702

Robert Barnes 2022 948-2831
Thomas Audet, Chair

Bill Goddard, Vice Chair
Dave Larsen 2022  948-2859

The Select Board also assigns its members to be responsible for specific areas of concern.  For 2020 the assignments are:

  • Highways – All Select Board Members
  • Budgets and Finance – Thomas Audet & Robert Barnes
  • Sewer – Bill Goddard & Rex Corey
  • Personnel and Service Organizations – Bill Goddard & Dave Larsen
  • Legal and Regulatory – Dave Larsen & Tom Audet

The Select Board Chair is Thomas Audet; Vice Chair is Bill Goddard

The Select Board assigns some members to serve as liaisons to “outside” organizations.  This year’s assignments are:

  • Transportation Advisory Board – Thomas Audet-Delegate


  • Addison County Solid Waste Management District – Karl Thomsen-Representative
  •                                                                                                Thomas Audet, Chair-Alternate

The State requires that the Select Board appoint individuals or organizations to serve the community:

  • Inspector of Lumber, Shingles, and Wood – Allen M. Alger
  • Pound Keeper – Addison County Humane Society
  • Weigher of Coal – Allen R. Alger
  • Tree Warden – Allen M. Alger
  • Fence Viewers – (Listers) Cheryl Tudhope, Stephen James and Jean Audet
  • Clerk of the Board – Elizabeth “Betty” Walker
  • Newspaper – Addison Independent
  • Emergency Management Director – Sandy Korda

Official State Notification of Town of Orwell Appointments and Assignments

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