Select Board

Members of the Select Board are elected annually at the Town Meeting on the first Tuesday in March.  Their terms are staggered with some individuals being elected for a two-year term and some being elected for a three-year term.  The current members of the Select Board are:

Member Term Ends Telephone No. & Email
Rex D Corey 2023 802-770-0702

Robert Barnes 2022 948-2831
Thomas Audet, Chair

Bill Goddard, Vice Chair
Andrea Ochs (appointed) 2022

The Select Board also assigns its members to be responsible for specific areas of concern.  For 2021 the assignments are:

  • Highways – Thomas Audet, Robert Barnes, Rex Corey
  • Budgets and Finance – Thomas Audet & Bill Goddard
  • Sewer – Robert Barnes & Rex Corey
  • Personnel and Service Organizations – Bill Goddard
  • Legal and Regulatory – Thomas Audet

The Select Board Chair is Thomas Audet; Vice Chair is Bill Goddard

The Select Board assigns some members to serve as liaisons to “outside” organizations.  This year’s assignments are:

  • Transportation Advisory Board – Andrea Ochs-Delegate

                                                      Rex Corey -Alternate

  • Addison County Solid Waste Management District – Sarah Harris-Representative                                                                                                                                          Thomas Audet, Chair-Alternate

The State requires that the Select Board appoint individuals or organizations to serve the community:

  • Inspector of Lumber, Shingles, and Wood – Allen M. Alger
  • Pound Keeper – Addison County Humane Society
  • Weigher of Coal – Allen R. Alger
  • Tree Warden – Allen M. Alger
  • Fence Viewers – (Listers) Cheryl Tudhope, Stephen James and Jean Audet
  • Clerk of the Board – Elizabeth “Betty” Walker
  • Newspaper – Addison Independent
  • Emergency Management Director – Sandy Korda

Official State Notification of Town of Orwell Appointments and Assignments

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