Emergency Services/Alerts

Emergency Services are provided in the Town of Orwell by two volunteer organizations partially funded by the Town. The Volunteer Fire Department provides fire protection and the First Response Rescue Squad provides emergency ambulance and rescue squad services. Both organizations are housed on the Orwell Town Fire Station adjacent to the Town Equipment Shed. Police services are provided by the Addison County Sherriff and/or the State Police. In the event of an emergency, contact 911.

Orwell Volunteer Fire Department

Allen M. Alger

Allen R. Alger, 1st Assistant Fire Chief                                    948-2212

Ben Alger

Robert Arnebold

James Booska, Senior Officer

Dave Carpenter, Chairman                                                        948-2887

Jim Dougherty

Daryl Gebo

Mark Gebo, 2nd Assistant Fire Chief                                    345-1410/948-2797

Dan Gosselin, Chief                                                                      948-2076

Louis Hall, Senior Officer

Susan Hauck, Co Train Off/Treasurer                                       948-2549

Rebecca Heibler, Secretary

Sandy Korda

Robert LaDuc

Paul Metcalf, Captain

Peter Ochs

Wes Orr, Training Officer

Chris Roy

Sean Seguin

John Wist

Jeremiah Nolan


Orwell First Response Squad

Jim Dougherty, President                                                          948-2734

Liz Orr, Training Officer                                                              948-2194

Peter W. Ochs, Training Officer                                                948-2242

Mary Miller, Captain                                                                   948-2662

Natalie LaDuc, Captain                                                     802-774-8459

Lynn Gallagher, Treasurer                                                         948-2776

Louis Hall

Sandy Korda

Paul Metcalf

Kori Mitchell

Champlain Large Animal Technical Rescue                           948-2112

Addison County Sherriff                                                             388-2981

State Police                                                                                    388-4919

Orwell Emergency Management click here

Orwell Volunteer Fire Department  click here


4 responses to “Emergency Services/Alerts

  1. liz orr

    Could some one make the following updates: first response captain. Natalie. Laduc. Training officer Liz orr

    • Good Afternoon Liz,

      Changed Natalie Drake to Natalie LaDuc and to Captain and changed you to Training Officer. Please check the website and let me know if all is correct.
      Thanks and have a great day,


  2. Sandy Korda

    Good morning. Would you mind adding a link to the Orwell Emergency Management’s Facebook page? We add articles of interest (local emergency weather alerts and warnings, seasonal safety messages and school closings) and would greatly appreciate the added exposure on our town website.


    Thank you for your kind consideration.


    Sandy Korda,
    Logistics Officer/Co-Emergency Manager

    • Good Afternoon Sandy,

      I added the facebook link for the Orwell Emergency Management on the Town Website under Emergency Services/Alerts. Let me know if it looks good or if any changes are needed.

      Thanks and have a great day,


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