Auditors – The Board of Auditors is responsible for auditing the town’s financial records to determine their accuracy, confirming that there are no missing or misappropriated funds or town property, and addressing allegations of fraud, conflict of interest, and malfeasance in office. The Auditors meet on an as-needed basis rather than on a set schedule. Their meetings usually take place in the late fall and winter of each year when they are planning their auditing schedule and after January 2 of each year when they begin their task of auditing the books and records of the organizations in Orwell.

The Auditors are:

Karen Rowland                 Term expires in 2024         948-2189

Danielle Rougeau             Term expires in 2025

Edward Hilton                  Term expires in 2024  (Appointed in 2023/3 year term 2026)

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